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Our Courses


This is the entry level i.e. Lowest/First level at which a student can start pursuing the Chartered Accountancy (professional accounting) course....


(Integrated Professional Competency Course) is the second level anamination of C.A. Course, Conducted by CAI.


Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the most coveted of all the law entrances in India after Class XII. CLAT is conducted every year to select....


It is a course which can be done by the students after completion of their class 12. BBA is gaining popularity in India. Most of the students are much likely to do BBA....

C.A. Foundation

It is the first level of chartered Accountancy Course. Earlier CPT Was Conducted but after the revrsed scheme ley ICAP C.A, Foundation will be conducted.


Bechelor of commerce is an undergradile degree in commerce. It is a 3 year long degree usually chosen by commerce students often 12th . This is a Practical course which is choosen ley students who want to pursee. Management, Business etc. in Fulure